Steve Jobs had a reputation for raking up speeding and parking tickets, but now the city of San Francisco is looking to track him down and reimburse him for overpaid fines. The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency owes the late Apple founder $176 in overpaid parking tickets. The agency recently
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The professional description includes a brief history of the company, members, reputation, past and current performance of its goods and services in the market. seo services, seo services india, seo company, seo company in india,
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LONDON — When she's not busy delivering sick burns on social media, Twitter Queen J.K. Rowling occasionally likes to show her soft side. See also: 24 times J.K. Rowling was a total badass on Twitter On Tuesday, the Harry Potter author took a break from shutting down haters and turned her attention
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c. 1933The Nash Motors automobile elevator display at the Century of Progress International Exposition in Chicago.Image: Chicago History Museum/Getty ImagesThe invention and rapid adoption of the automobile at the turn of the 20th century presented an immediate problem: where to park so many vehicles,
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That didn't take very long. Less than a day after Microsoft unleashed Tay, its experimental A.I., to social networks including Twitter and Kik, the chatbot's already become a racist jerk you wouldn't ever want to be friends with. See also: The 100 best iPhone apps of all time Designed by Microsoft Research
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Credit cards use rewards to lure customers, but play the game right, and you can come out ahead. Most issuers offer awesome sign-up bonuses during certain times of the year. A new study from NerdWallet reveals the best months to sign up for different rewards credit cards based on these offers.Read more...
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Netflix can either be your best friend or your worst nightmare. When you’re halfway through a seven-season TV series or have a list of must-watch movies on your list with a fantastic Internet connection, Netflix is great. But what about when you don’t know what you want to watch? Or if your
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When smartphones became popular several years ago, Google recommended site owners to make their websites mobile friendly to viewers. Those websites that were prepared gained a “mobile” stamp in Google’s displayed listings (see Image 2). Although this stamp might have helped those mobile-friendly
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The website is the primary source of the brand popularity, and now, it has become one of the most trusted ways to know information about every business. And when it comes to ads, the landing pages play a vital role in determining the conversion rates. So, what is a landing page? Landing Page: According
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Many countries ban surrogacy, while some of the destinations are ideal for conducting surrogacy. Therefore, an intended parent may need to search for domestic or international surrogacy. Being an intended parent’s most important decision is to the right selection of surrogacy destination. The
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The usual concept of tourism brings an image of pleasure. The primary aim of the tourism industry is to provide occupational services to tourists. But apart from pleasure, tourists can also travel for business purposes or health-related reasons. The concept of fertility tourism differs from the usual
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Experts estimated that almost one in eight women has struggled to get pregnant. If you have planned to build your family and failed after trying the all-natural process to start your family, then in-vitro-fertilization (IVF) is the next option you can choose to obtain a biological baby.   
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