Not every great business is VC backable. But every business needs capital to grow. If you’re launching a great business, but you don’t plan on being a unicorn, keep reading. Read More
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Shirley Webb used to rely on mowing her lawn for exercise. But that was before she hit the gym. Now, the 78-year-old grandmother exercises regularly, visiting a local fitness club twice a week. Her trainer, John Wright, told ESPN that although he's never had a client her age before, he's very impressed
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Coupons can be hit or miss, but some stores offer pretty sweet savings. Best of all, many of these stores don’t really care if your coupon is expired, they’ll accept them anyway. Rather Be Shopping tells us which retailers usually accept expired coupons.Read more...
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LONDON — Around 150 students at University College of London are refusing to pay the "soaring" rent until their demands for a 40 percent decrease are met. The group UCL, Cut the Rent declared the strike yesterday on its Facebook page. The students say they are collectively withholding £250,000
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The Ashiana Silver Crest, Gurgaon project was commenced in September 2003 and reached completion by January 2005. Since then, this Gurgaon society has 31 residential villas for rent as well as possession. By and large, the total society covers a total built up area of 65,000 sq ft. Also, the Ashiana
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The literary world lost one of its most enigmatic stars Harper Lee, the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of To Kill a Mockingbird, passed away at 89 on Feb. 19 See also: Harper Lee, author of 'To Kill a Mockingbird,' dies at 89 Authors and celebrities have mourned the author on social media, sharing stories
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Amazon has removed device encryption from Fire OS version 5. This means that devices such as the Fire Phone, Amazon Fire HD, and Kindle Fire tablets will no longer support device encryption, after being updated to Fire OS 5. Amazon's decision to remove onboard encryption isn't new; Amazon actually dropped
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 Most new homes that are being built in the U.S. today really aren’t all that different from those that were built 30 years ago. Some materials may be different, but most builders haven’t really kept up with the times. Y Combinator-backed Acre Designs wants to change this by building
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Chrome: If you need a little help getting off of Facebook or Reddit and getting things done, Go Fucking Work for Chrome has that in droves—and yes, that’s its name. No nonsense, no frills, just sharp, pointed advice.Read more...
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