With the notable exception of the palm-sized Mini Mac, this is the cutest your ancient tech has ever looked. Prop stylist and model maker Jessica Dance is known for her knitted versions of everyday objects. In her latest series Vintage Flufftronics, she's crafted woolen models of old electronics. SEE
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Drake brought the anticipation for his fourth studio album, Views from the 6, to a boiling point with the release of two new songs on Tuesday. "Pop Style" is a rap powerhouse: It features Jay Z and Kanye West's The Throne (a.k.a. what Jay and 'Ye call themselves when they team up). "One Dance,"
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Nothing is new or difficult for Google to do and when it comes to plans for programming, Google makes everything as easy as making a duck soup. That’s what happened in a couple of days ago in San Francisco at its NEXT Google Cloud Platform user conference. It was a successful event with loads ofNothing
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Social media can be a demoralizing abyss sometimes, but it sure makes love easy to share.  Spc. Shane Adriano and Pfc. Tristian Resz exchanged nuptials last week in a small Springfield, Missouri, courthouse ceremony. While the event itself was meant as an intimate affair between friends and family,
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Come on, Katy — throw a guy a trigger warning next time. Zoolander 2 is hitting theaters on February 12, and it seems that Katy Perry is among the many celebrity A-listers making cameos in the highly anticipated comedy sequel. But hopefully, Ms. Perry won't be humming this particular Frankie Goes
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That cloud looks like a... — wait, it's a cat. Sky, the ragdoll cat, has fur as fluffy as a cloud and eyes the color of, well, the sky. The kitty's fluff makes him look huge and so much cuter than your average cumulonimbus. He also looks pretty grumpy most of the time, which has led his owner
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Adam has more important things to do than sleep, Mom.  After attempting to put this toddler down for more than an hour, this little dude decided it was time to make his great escape. Mom was too busy filming to react, so Adam used his secret agent baby skills in order to avoid the dreaded bedtime. 
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 Is your startup looking to take that next big leap forward? Many companies have gotten their start by displaying in Startup Alley at TechCrunch Disrupt, and we want your company to be our next success story. Read More
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Dealing with the damage from a burst washer hose or dust-clogged dryer duct is expensive and frustrating. Upgrading both those items will make your appliances safer, more efficient, and last longer.Read more...
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