Some lucky passengers on Alaska Airlines Flight 870 were able to see a total solar eclipse as it made its way across the sky over Southeast Asia on March 9. A solar eclipse occurs when the moon passes between the sun and the Earth, temporarily blocking out the giant star's light and casting a shadow
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The Democratic presidential candidates are having their first debate since the Iowa caucuses, and if you’re curious how the result changed things, you may be interested. If you want to see, here’s how to tune in. Read more...
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At SXSW 2016 Grumpy Cat was lulled to sleep by the sweet sweet sounds of meowing duo Ryan Cabrera and Blake Lewis.Read more about this spectacular "impromptu" performance: Read more...More about Sxsw, Watercooler, Videos, Memes, and Grumpy Cat At SXSW 2016 Grumpy Cat was lulled
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Finally, the My Two Dads and West Wing crossover we've all been waiting for.  Canadian Prime Minister and real-life Disney prince Justin Trudeau took a break from holding pandas on his lap to meet up with President Barack Obama during his first visit to the White House. Since Trudeau is a
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Turkish security services brought their strong-arm tactics to Washington on Thursday, roughing up protesters, journalists and even D.C. police before a speech by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. SEE ALSO: Germany stands by song mocking easily offended Turkish president The event descended into chaos
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Det. Munch is clocking back into Law & Order: SVU.  Munch, portrayed as always by Richard Belzer, is set to appear in a May episode that centers on a young model who accuses a famous fashion photographer of assault — a plot that sounds not unlike the claims hurled against photog
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Is one of Springfield's most famous citizens innocent of his crimes? Continuing their remix series, Vulture mashed The Simpsons together with Making a Murderer to feature Homer as Manitowoc County resident Steven Avery. Though with Homer's lightning sharp mind and his unflappable alibis, he should be
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 Number26 is trying to reinvent your bank account. One by one, the company is looking at the traditional bank features and using more modern options to recreate a complete bank. Now, you can make international transfers in foreign currencies directly from the app. And the best part is that Number26
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Pre-orders for PlayStation VR kick off on Mar. 22 — but only if you want to grab an everything-plus-the-kitchen-sink bundle. (And the kitchen sink's not actually included.) The "PlayStation VR Launch Bundle" costs $499.99, adding $100 to the base price for just a headset. It's the only pre-order
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