Looking for new book suggestions or just curious to see if you missed out on some classics in college? Open Syllabus Project can help you on both fronts.Read more...
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Connecting with supporters in the social sphere just got a little easier for nonprofits — at least on Facebook. The social media giant announced a new website on Thursday dedicated to resources for nonprofits and NGOs to get the most out of their Facebook Pages. The new site reads like
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From finding a job to finding a mentor, there are a number of reasons we network. You might not know how soon after meeting someone it’s appropriate to follow-up and connect with them. Entrepreneur’s Ivan Miser makes the process simple with the 24/7/30 method.Read more...
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 In its eighth year, Startup Turkey, a gathering of 600, is one of the country’s premier startup events. Read More
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Apple has always packed a lot of decent software into OS X, but long time users may remember when the built-in options sucked so bad you had to install basic alternatives, like a PDF reader or image viewer, just to get something that worked well. Times have changed, and if you haven’t looked lately,
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Are you looking for an auto specialist who can offer repair services at down to earth rates? Then, you are at the right place. At Hawthorn Automotive Improvements, we offer a complete suite of services and help keeping your car in its optimal condition. The most important and common services that we
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Everyone loves Riley Curry. But one little Warriors fan named Lucas really loves her The bold young boy named Lucas recently greeted Golden State star Steph Curry at a Warriors game with a sign asking Riley to be his Valentine. Papa Curry didn't say yes — but hey, he didn't say no either! See
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The Chromecast is a pretty awesome media player that pays for itself . If you want to use it without the internet, though, you’re fresh out of luck. This custom ROM can change that.Read more...
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 The beauty of content management systems (CMS) like WordPress, Wix, Weebly and others is in the ability to create and build a complete website using just your browser. Designers are given the flexibility to make changes to their websites using simple browser-based tools, which means they don’t
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Latest Business Listings on Ringmybiz
Business Name Date
sabinakhan 2018-08-21
International Rubber Industries 2018-08-21
LowCards 2018-08-21
Cheap Car Insurance Corpus Christi TX 2018-08-21
Global Compliance Certification 2018-08-21
Vachon Insurance Group 2018-08-21
Garage Door Repair Cave Creek 2018-08-21
AAA Gates Repair Seattle 2018-08-21
Going Home Cremation 2018-08-20
Montessori School of Downtown 2018-08-20
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