This is when the phrase "No shoes, no pants, no problem" ought to become "No shoes, no pants, pneumonia" See also: Snow Rat is the hero New York deserves Someone posted a video what one can assume is a walk of shame — or what Amber Rose has brilliantly flipped to be a stride of pride — through
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Dark Mode on Instagram: Most of the Instagram users are looking for Dark Mode to make the visibility even better without hurting the Power Backup. And as most of the Apps have included this Feature to cope with the issues related to increased battery usage, Higher Internet etc. Introducing dark Mode
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How to go to winter in Thailand: instructions for use Winter travelers are divided into 2 types: those who prefer snowy places, for example, ski resorts, and those who fly from cold winters to hot summers, say, to Thailand. knows just about Thailand firsthand since our # best land is
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For millions living on the East Coast of the United States, this will be a cold, snowy weekend. A powerful and potentially historic snowstorm has been pummeling areas from D.C., to Connecticut with snow, with some areas expected to reach totals of 30 inches. See also: Dinosaur attempts to shovel snow
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Usually we share the shortcuts, workspaces, and productivity tips of our favorite experts, but this week we’re handing the mic to the Lifehacker staff. I’m Stephanie, and here’s how I work (and work out!).Read more...
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The Drive Auditor scans your Google Drive and prepares a detailed report revealing who has access to your files and the permissions they have over shared files.The files and folders in your Google Drive are private by default until you decide to share them. You can share your documents with specific
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Taco Bell Customer Survey: is the authorized website of Taco Bell ( for collecting feedback from its consumers. The agency offers a chance to win $500 in cash for participants that get involved in the Taco Bell Customer feedback survey or Taco Bell Feedback Survey. If
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Microsoft, at long last, is learning That’s a key takeaway from Microsoft largely positive 2016 Q2 results. Released on Thursday, the numbers are a reflection of Microsoft’s performance during the last holiday season What we learned is that Microsoft knows how to strengthen its business
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Zurich Switzerland Zurich Switzerland largest city in Switzerland is a diverse cultural hot spot which makes for one of the most relaxing city breaks in Europe. Set on the shores of the magnificent lake Zurich, the city is filled with green spaces and chilled-out cafes, and it is easy to forget that
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BRUSSELS - The European Union charged Google on Wednesday with using its dominant Android mobile operating system to squeeze out rivals, opening a second front against the U.S. technology giant that could result in large fines.
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