While most people think about hashtags, marketing stunts and SoLoMo when they hear about the Interactive part of SXSW in Austin, this year is going to be a bit different as President Barack Obama is about to give a keynote at the event. The event should start at 2:40 PM in Austin (3:40 PM ET,
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Healthy Indian Foods If you want to live long life then you must eat healthy diet. This is the mantra of Live Long Life. There are many type of Diet Plan in the world but Indian. Indian People love eating. India have 29 state and every state have its own famous variety. They are not thinking how much
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 Some of Africa’s first commercial drone startups are generating clients and income. South Africa’s Rocketmine and Ghana’s Aeroshutter are completing services such as 3D volumetric image processing, aerial advertising, and music video production for multinational mining companies,
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This girl's priorities are in order: 1. pizza, 2. fresh style and 3. hockey. With her Philadelphia Flyers two points up in an eventual 6-0 victory over the Columbus Blue Jackets on Saturday, this cool fan happily shifted her focus to the biggest piece of pizza of all time. No one in attendance had a
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If your credit score is solid, you might qualify for a “No Preset Spending Limit Card” (NPSL). However, credit limits matter when it comes to calculating your credit score . So how does an NPSL card impact your score? It’s tricky, but Credit.com explains the basics.Read more...
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Another mobile payment start-up enters the ring. The founder explains how his company is different.Co-founded by billionaire Jack Dorsey, Square was the first to give people a free mini card reader to plug into a mobile device and accept credit and debit cards on the go. Square's charm is in its simplicity--there
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Sorry, technophiles. While the world may be going digital, when it comes to reading, regular books are here to stay. In a new study conducted by American University linguistics professor Naomi Baron, researchers have found that an overwhelming majority of students prefer physical books — you know,
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LONDON — Hundreds of emergency services staff and thousands of volunteers are taking part in a huge disaster training exercise across London this week. The exercise, which is reportedly Europe's largest, simulates a scenario based around a big tower block collapsing onto Waterloo tube station.
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You had one job kid, and technically, you did it. After stumbling his way down the aisle with pillow and rings in hand, it seems as if this kid had no clue what he was supposed to do. But then, he recognizes someone. Excited, he charges ahead to complete his duty and deliver his pillow in style. 
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Since his shakes had their viral moment, Black Tap's Chef Joe Isidori has been selling 500 a day.Since his shakes had their viral moment, Black Tap's Chef Joe Isidori has been selling 500 a day.
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