LONDON — Two Boeing 777 aircrafts full of biscuits arrived at Doncaster's Robin Hood Airport in South Yorkshire in an effort to bolster the national shortage of biscuits. See also: Record flooding hits northern England as waters surge through towns The Biscuit Works factory in Carlisle —
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 We do not possess the ability to read the future, and yet we can predict with a high level of certainty that we will see more major cybersecurity incidents in 2016 and 2017. The world’s cybersecurity capability is not able to advance in line with the growing vulnerabilities. Incremental
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Nintendo's original lineup of games may seem a little flat — especially if you're too young to have grown up playing them. But this NES emulator adds depth where there wasn't any before, by mapping the original 2D art layers into an actual 3D space. The emulator is in beta, so it looks like
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It's not easy out there for a hyper-intelligent supercomputer. Generations of sentient Hollywood robots with world dominating aspirations have stoked apprehension about computers eventually becoming too smart to bother with the human race anymore. And even with his friendly human name and genial tone,
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Amazon is giving home shopping a digital video makeover. The e-commerce giant announced Tuesday the launch of its first daily, live show, Style Code Live.  The series, which streams on weeknights beginning Tuesday, is "dedicated to fashion and beauty, featuring useful tips from style experts
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LOS ANGELES — Underoos! And you thought Captain America: Civil War was going to be the first humorless Marvel movie. At least, it sure looked that way until Thursday's trailer release, which includes our very first look at Tom Holland as Spider-Man. The comic relief can't have swung by soon enough.
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The SAG Awards are a nice time for peers to catch up and talk about their craft. Or just feel each other up. Whatever you feel like, really. Kate Winslet and Susan Sarandon posed for photos at the ceremony together, and Winslet lived the dream by feeling up Sarandon. Michael Shannon was also there.
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When you “finish” a jar of peanut butter, there’s always a little bit left in the jar no matter how hard you try to scoop it out. Instead of letting those dregs go to waste, you can use it all up to make a tasty cup of peanut butter hot chocolate.Read more...
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With Facebook rolling out its live streaming abilities to everyone and Apple's next iPad getting a (rumored) release date, you may have missed some of this week's best new apps. See also: The 12 best iPhone apps of 2015 Each weekend, we round up a few of our favorite new and updated apps. This week's
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