Indian Vegetables, Grains, Fruits are good for your health and It is  healthy eating is a balanced diet. A balanced diet or a good diet means consuming from all the different good groups in the right quantities. There are five main food to make balance diet – whole grains, fruit and vegetables,
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iOS/Mac: Day One recently went through some big changes in an update , and it turns out that was at least partially to add in some more features. The first one on the list is If This Then That integration.Read more...
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BARCELONA — If you think the Oculus Rift's $599 price tag is a lot of money for a virtual reality headset, you're not going to like how much the HTC Vive is going to cost. HTC announced at Mobile World Congress the Vive will cost $799 in the U.S., a $200 premium over the Oculus Rift. It'll cost
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Congrats on the new addition to your family and welcome to parenthood! These are the days of sleepless nights, baby babble and priceless moments of bonding and development. It's also time to face a major life dilemma — family or career? You may be itching to get back to work, flex your skills
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The precise meaning of "a long time ago" in the Star Wars universe has always been a little unclear. But now, thanks to a stunning portrait John Boyega Instagrammed, we know that Poe and Finn's friendship dates back to at least the 18th century. The co-stars are a regal pair of gents, with Oscar Isaac
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For those of us that just need a hug sometimes, we no longer have to rely on the kindness of friends or strangers. We can now throw money at our loneliness problem by purchasing the Free Hug Sofa. Created by Lee Eun Kyoung of South Korea, the sofa is made of soft material and has arms that hug you just
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The four members of the UK indie band Viola Beach, along with their manager, were killed on Saturday when their car crashed through a barrier and plunged into a canal near Stockholm, Sweden. The victims were identified as band members Kris Leonard, River Reeves, Tomas Lowe and Jack Dakin and manager
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Edmonton Oiler Center Matt Hendricks certainly prevented a goal against the Dallas Stars on Thursday, but at what cost? In this clip, Hendricks straight-up takes a point-blank range shot to the dick, then promptly scurries off the ice to reevaluate hockey as a career. On the bright side, when he falls
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The holidays are over, but we’re still smack dab in the middle of winter, and the cold weather is hitting some areas especially hard. If you’re expecting to be snowed in during this weekend’s blizzard watch, here are some fun ways to make the most of it.Read more...
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