When life hands you a snowstorm, dig a giant bobsled track. Twitter user @VooDooStoo made good use of the generous amount of snow that was brought on by the big East Coast blizzard by digging out a downhill "bobsled" slide for his kid to play on over the weekend. See also: 21 ways to entertain your
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Even if there’s snow outside your window or it’s absurdly cold out there, now’s the time to start thinking about your garden.Read more...
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LOS ANGELES — Worst. Heroes. Ever. So goes the tagline from the latest Suicide Squad trailer, and that certainly seems possible: DC Comics/Warner Bros.' bad-guy teamup is either going to be spectacular or spectacularly bad. But it's definitely going to be spectacular. SEE ALSO: The 'Suicide Squad'
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A 23-year-old inmate at Floyd County Detention Center was found dead in a multi-person cell on Thursday and officials say they don't know what caused her death.  Hanna Robb was allegedly found unresponsive in her cell during a routine check. Officials reportedly tried to save her, but couldn't.
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You may have heard somewhere that poor cable management inside your PC’s case can block fans and air pathways, making your CPU and GPU’s temperatures rise. This video puts that theory to the test, and proves that most mid-size cases do just fine with or without decent cable management.Read more...
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Hollywood is beginning to turn on Georgia.  Big industry names, including Anne Hathaway, Julianne Moore, Lee Daniels, Kathleen Kennedy, Harvey Weinstein and more, have signed a letter written by the Human Rights Campaign, vowing to discontinue work in Georgia if a controversial bill is passed. 
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You could spend hours every day optimizing your budget choices to make sure you’re not wasting a penny. However, the time isn’t always worth the effort. Instead, focus on simplifying your budget.Read more...
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The 2016 Adobe Marketing Summit began with a challenge from Adobe CEO, Shantanu Narayen: "This is the experience era," he says. "Are our companies ready to compete, are we at risk of being disrupted by someone who can move faster?" Digital marketing is about to change more than it ever has, which is
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You could say Miley Cyrus has the best of both worlds. 10 years after her Disney Channel breakout on Hannah Montana, the star enjoys a booming music career that makes her a rare child actor success story. It's been an occasionally bumpy road for Miley — but on the anniversary of Hannah Montana,
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