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Company/Organisation Politics of Japan
Business Category Banks and Finance
About Business In Japan, the type of government is a Unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy. In Japan, the legislative power is vested in a Diet. The head of the government is Naruhito. The governmental structure of a country determines the manner in which laws are written, approved, and interpreted. Government type determines the manner in which elections are held as well as the country's system of policing its citizens. The term of office of the head of state in Japan lasts until the next succession. The length of a head of state's term has a direct effect on the power and influence of the executive position. A longer term of office provides the head of state with increased authority. The Global Peace Index (GPI) for Japan is 1.323. Due to strong law enforcement presence and high social responsibility, Japan is very safe by international standards. The strength of legal rights index for Japan is 4.
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Address 25 Broadway St
City New-York
State New-York
Zipcode 10004
Country USA
Contact Numbers 1211305945
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